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How to Make a Complaint

All complaints received by The Puhinui Homes Trust (PHT) will be taken seriously and investigated fully, and any corrective or preventive action required will be carried out promptly.  All complaints will be handled sensitively, confidentially and in accord with the principles of the Code of Health and Disability Consumer’s Rights.

Submitting a complaint:


  • Any applicable person can submit a complaint verbally or in writing, to any staff member.

  • The staff member will encourage the complainant to talk with the Manager, or will offer to talk with the Manager if the person(s) are not confident in doing this.

  • All complainants will be advised about the Health and Disability Advocacy Service and that information is readily available, displayed Health and Disability Advocacy Services pamphlets and flyers.

  • A complaint is also able to be lodged on behalf of the complainant by an advocate or support person.A support person or advocate can be present with the complainant at any stage of making, investigating or resolving a complaint.

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