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Social Club

Social Club is hosted by a group of people with disability for the sole purpose of creating an evening of fun.

Club committee members are residents of Puhinui Homes Trust who enjoy organising social events. Chikako Takayama is club facilitator. 


The Committee is supported by the Puhinui Homes Trust to run the project. The members (people with disability) oversee and lead the Social Club.


For being a Social Club member you need to register with us, fill in the below questionnaire and send it to us. Or contact Chikako to get more information (09 2799029)


You have to become a member before joining the sessions, this allows us to support you better.

The club runs weekly, every Thursday from 6pm-7.30 pm, a donation of $5 at the door is appreciated.  Music and dance is the main part of the sessions, light refreshment will be served. You will be encouraged to interact and socialise with others.


Social Club is closed July-October and Mid November till Mid January.  

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